About us


About us

We do not belong as Victims, but neither pure Saints. Trespass and exude both comfort and mischief, frenzy is a state of mind that changes every time we spot the stimuli. We perform at the Right Stimuli.
Delusive frenzy empowers the one self, and the eye met its objective. 
We become the Red Prey




R    E    D       P    R    E    Y   is a Mexican Author Jewelry brand created in 2011 by industrial designer Marisol Lara. Originary from Zacatecas, México, one of the cities with the biggest silver mines and extraction in the world, which has given the identity of her profession. All jewelry is made with Sterling Silver and 14k Goldplatted between Zacatecas and México City. 


Marisol Lara

She acquired her major in Industrial Design at ITESM in the City of Monterrey, Nuevo León where she also apply for an exchange program at OTIS College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California. She expanded her knowledge in jewelry in the Centro Platero de Zacatecas, as well as ESOFI in Mexico City. She's a member of the "Anuario de Joyería Contemporánea" by Grupo DUPLEX in Spain, in various editions (2013, 2016)


Founded in 1548, one of the most important cities of the "Nueva España", Zacatecas is a state which is famous since its foundation and to this day for their rich deposits of silver and other minerals. Filled with rich colonial architecture, festivities, museums and art, it is a place where Silver and Goldsmiths fell in love and gave us many creations in the form of Jewelry
(Photo by México Desconocido)

R    E    D       P    R    E    Y ' s original aesthetics have allowed our brand to be part of different platforms like Not Safe for Fashion, Juntos por Showroom. Trends Monterrey Runway, Guadalajara's Expo Joya, and other events like Abierto Mexicano de Diseño in 2013, DESIGN WEEK MX in 2016, as well as ENK Las Vegas in 2014 and Espaijoia Barcelona and Iberjoya Madrid, both in 2013 and 2016.

R    E    D       P    R    E    Y   has been privileged to work with many artist from the national scene. Names such as Cassandra Ciangherotti (Tiempos Felices), Tessa Ia (Después de Lucía), Danna Paola (Wicked México) and more have worn some of the creations we have designed.